" The delivery of the project is

as important as the imaginative ideas behind it. "


Meetings with architect/ client to establish project requirements, design direction and way that light is interpreted in the project. 


The image and function of light in the project is considered in this stage.  We work close with the design team to develop details that will enhance the identity of the project.

Our proposals are based not only to the aesthetical aspect of the design but take into account all the practical issues of costs, buildability, ease of maintenance and the sustainability of the design.

Sketches, images, diagrams and visualizations are the ways that we communicate our design to the design team.


At this stage we turn conceptual ideas into design details. Mock-ups and lighting trials take place to demonstrate the lighting effects and details, helping/ informing the construction process. Detailed layouts, drawings, luminaires specification and relevant documentation are provided enabling contract packages to be produced.


We work close with the construction team for the correct implementation of the design and we provide support in any coordination or installation issues. Site visits are required to maintain an overview of the progress on-site during the contract period. Programming and focusing the lighting systems take place in the commissioning stage ensuring the delivery of the lighting concept.





Patterns of light and dark affect both our perceptions of the world and our emotional and phsycological responses, and thus they are essential in gathering information about the physical world. Good-quality lighting can support visual performance and interpersonal communication and improve our feelings of well-being. Bad-quality lighting can be uncomfortable and confusing and can inhibit visual performance.

The role of the lighting designer is to match and rank the needs of the people using the space with the economic and environmental considerations and the architectural objectives, and then translate the results into a workable design and functional installation. In other words provide lighting quality into the project.